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Currently, the existing optical measuring instrument of the portable total hardness measurement had serious error of measurement. Although, the case of wet analysis equipment has a good accuracy but its analysis process is intricate in term of process.

Therefore, We had invented a portable KIT based on wet analysis that ACRO PHK - 07 which able to measurement the total hardness by simple factor.
  ACRO PHK-07 was inventing for simple measurement for total hardness.
  1. Our application can be applied to Water supply & body of BOILER that need to management of total hardness.
2. Our application can be applied to Inspection of treatment efficiency of soft water & R/O system.
3. Our application can be applied to manage the cooling water and etc.mention
  1. Simple analysis of total hardness
2. The accuracy of the total hardness measurement is ±5ppm.
3. The analysis process is simpler than existing wet analysis.
4. It Continue use of the accessories & reagent.
  1. First, use the test tube and take 5ml of water sample.
2. In the pretreatment stage, we add on 2~ 3 drops of chemical in the test tube.
3. After that, add on 1~2 drops of Indicator in test tube.
4. Next, we will investigate the color of the water sample and make decision based on following steps
i.) If BLUE: that mean it is below 2ppm, complete the test
ii.) If RED: that mean it is over 2ppm, and continue with the following steps
5. Then, drop the titration agent into the water sample and the shake it well until the sample change to blue color.
6. Lastly, summarize total drop of the Titration agent and calculate the total hardness of the water sample.